pacotelic (pacotelic) wrote,

I would be tired of the Cordoba issue if it wasn't so dangerous

In Response to this article

There have been many times in Human history when the right thing to do was not the polite thing to do.

Most famously, Rosa Parks really should’ve moved to the back of the bus. It would have caused much less tension and healed the hurt feelings of the whites who were alarmed by her behavior.

Many blacks during the civil rights era counseled against a policy of civil disobedience and desegregation, as the in-your-face tactics of the activists were increasing the stigma against all blacks, not just the activists. A lot of whites thought every black was a thief or a rapist, so the onus was on every good black to be exceedingly polite in all situations. The activists, by denying this deference, were only going to get all the blacks lynched. Were they crazy?

In the pursuit of any civil, property, or contract rights, surely Fox news and Karen Hughes would counsel a polite way to healing relations. Wait your turn.
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