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What if the anti-choice argument had no grounding?

There is no biblical reason to oppose 1st or second trimester abortion. Here's several biblical passages fed to me as "proof" that God thinks life begins at conception, and my responses:

Jeremiah 1:5 : Are you what is formed in the womb, what is known by god, or is that just the vessel for your soul. Y'all are far more monist than Buddhists here. If the afterlife is eternal, then so too must be the beforelife.

Job 10:9 :... "Remember, I beg you, that you have fashioned me as clay. Will you bring me into dust again?", Here again, I ask, when does the soul inhabit the body? Read the sequence in Genesis 2:7 again. Is all you care about the body? It would appear so. I am surprised to learn this.

Exodus 20:13 : I've already handled this. Does murder mean to kill a human being with a soul? OK. Does a zygote, or a fish, or a blastocyst have a soul? Only an eccentric reading of the bible would say so. 40% of American pregnancies terminate in the first month anyway due to genetic or implantation problems. This is waay more than the numbers taken by medical procedures. I'd wonder if God was considering these clumps of cells to be human before killing so many of them in the womb. No soul = not murder

I also refer you to Exodus 21:22, which takes a monetary view towards accidental abortion.

Luke 1:41 : Now this is the best case you could make from the entire bible, but let me ask you this: Are we all immaculately conceived; the son of God as brought to the womb of woman by the Archangel Gabriel? No? Then hie thee back to Genesis 2:7.

Biologically speaking, several days after conception (through her ear by many mideval accounts), an ordinary fetus would not have even implanted. No possibility of leaping under those conditions. Jesus's first miracle was not committing suicide by leaping in her womb at the 16-64 cell stage, severing the nascent umbilical connection.

Psalm 139:13 : Sure, no different than God did in Genesis 2:7. If this refers to the body, it is but flesh without a soul. Speaking in the past tense, sure God put things together. Kinda like the way ford makes the car before you put the beaded mat on the seat and scented pine tree on the mirror.
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