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Bike Garage

70% of America's health care bill is for chronic care. I think a hole in the shambling mess that is the current legistaltion is the call for the DOT and DOA to start encouraging healthy living. Not healthy as in "meat and potatoes after a long day in the Durango", but healthy as in actually moving to go somewhere, and eating food that isn't pesticided and fertilized within an inch of its life. Another post on what a employment opportunity getting brains back on the land would be.


I want to build a bike garage for two in our humble (and impervious (another post)) backyard. For me, the greatest hindrance to putting some fun between my legs (ah that 80's slogan) has been a bike that is not on the ground. Right now, our bikes are upside down in the basement, as they have languished since last May. I need those bikes at ground level to avoid scratching paint every time I haul them up.

Does anyone have any experience with building such a thing? I'm basing my design loosely on this, but modifying it for two bikes.

How can you resist this illustration?
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