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Foist Drafts

5 November 1971
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I search on those who share interests with me, or add those who make good comments in friends posts. I do not care if you remove me from your friends list, and if my addingg you to my friends list offends you, just ask and I'll remove, after I write a brief explanation of how I found you. I am resolving to not comment so much on my own posts, so that the entries in my journal can become bases for wider discussions. This means that I have to find a helathier relationship with the jorunal viz a viz time. I like diversity and I like surprises, so I try to add people form different areas of the world and with different viewpoints. I find preaching to the choir like peeps, enjoyable at first but too much makes me sick. I approach my political views with humility, because there are other people who hold perfectly opposite views. I do not, however, take kindly to excessive "memes" or poetry. I appreciate clear writing on things greater than ourselves. I am a very bad typist, but I try not to let it show. I have an Excel spreadsheet with my interests listed in the A column, and a checklist of how far I have trolled. This method will fail when people join the same interests as me, but it should get me started. I do not believe in new beginnings and utter privacy, everything I write here is public, and this will be my LJ until I leave. This is my LJ policy so far.

*Note, I have recently begun looking for good writers in other countries, using the LJ map tool brought to my attention by gnat. This is bound to get me in all sorts of trouble, So I'm carefully reviewing the writers and working out a system of offline annotation for who I added. One day I will reach the jameth frontier.


English-Hindi (snicker-inducing grammar and word choices will result)
The Usual Suspects (!Farsi)
Greek, Dutch, Portuguese
Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Korean

WorldMap of LJ Friends who have elected to share in the geographic fantasy

http://www.snopes.com <= unimpeachable!

according to http://www.digitalronin.f2s.com/politicalcompass/index.html :
Economic Left/Right: -1.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.72

F--K readability index (Made You Look!)

The ebb and neap of pals (now if I can track when I added who)

Random LJ images (may not work)

Random LJ you've never heard of

>>>> I am/was on ChickeTikka. How Apt.

has more functionality than I remembered

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